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EnterpriseWizard: Issue Tracking Software

EnterpriseWizard: flexible web-based issue tracking software

We offer EnterpriseWizard: web-based issue tracking software.  EnterpriseWizard helps organizations of all sizes manage a wide range of issues using their web browser - cutting costs while dramatically improving productivity.

Issue tracking software applications

EnterpriseWizard is used in a wide variety of applications to streamline issue tracking & CRM. Here are just a few examples:

  • Web based CRM:  Manage sales leads, opportunities, Issue tracking emailsales cycle funnel charts/dashboards, follow-up, etc.
  • Higher Education CRM:  Use EnterpriseWizard to drive prospective students through the recruitment/registration process.
  • Repair Management Software: Create an effective repair tracking system. Automatic RMAs, web-based repair status, repair cycle time reports, repair shipping status, and much more.
  • Web-based Helpdesk: Many IT departments choose EnterpriseWizard as their preferred issue tracking software as it streamlines the helpdesk process and provides a nice end user interface.
  • Online Government Issue Management: Better manage the issues faced by your city or regional government.  Allow citizens/constituents to submit complaints & suggestions online, monitor issue status, assign issues to staff, and improve the efficiency of your processes.
  • Facility Management Issue Tracking: Assign facilities issues to your staff, track broken equipment, asset tracking, maintenance requests and more.
  • Field Service Request Tracking: Within a few hours an powerful field service management system can be developed to better manage your field service requests and follow-up.
  • Web-based Technical Support System:  Allow your customers to login and browse FAQs, submit tech support "tickets" using either email or web support request forms, provide online tech support chat, closely monitor support issue status, and start using your tech support group to improve customer loyalty!

Why use issue tracking software?

Perhaps your office has used a system of emails, sticky notes, or Excel to manage critical issues for years. You might be asking "Where are we?" Here are a few reasons to consider issue tracking software:where_are_we

  • Issue ownership: Who is responsible for this issue? Critical issues need a clear owner... that is, the person or team responsible for seeing that the issue is moved through its lifecycle towards closure. Manual issue tracking systems often result in unclear ownership.
  • Issue status: Has the issue been closed already? How many issues are open? Are all open issues assigned to someone for processing?
  • Issue tracking metrics: How are we doing? Are we closing critical issues quickly? How quickly? How many issues do we handle per month?
  • Issue prevention: Can we learn from our past issues to prevent new ones? Can we apply root cause analysis to the issues affecting our business?
  • Issue management process: What is our issue resolution process? Is our issue tracking process ad-hoc or repeatable? Can we document our process?
  • Connect the dots: Put a strategy in place to create issue tracking systems that are linked together.

Why web-based issue tracking software?

Web based issue tracking software offers several advantages over PC/applications:

  • Zero client footprint: No applications to install and maintain on each user's PC. This dramatically reduces IT administrative costs as the user accesses the system through a web browser.
  • Fast learning curve: Users are already familiar with their web browser and interacting with websites. PC applications often require significant training compared to web applications that must adhere to standards.

Why use EnterpriseWizard web based issue tracking software?

EnterpriseWizard is the best web-based issue tracker & online CRM system for missue workflowany reasons. Here are a few:

  • Adaptable: Easily modify and extend your issue tracking software to add fields, tables, rules, permissions, workflows and much more. All without custom code. Competing systems often require lots of custom code to adapt the product to your needs.
  • Scalability: The EnterpriseWizard platform scales as your demands increase.  A database of five million records or more can be easily managed on low-cost hardware or on our hosted servers. Whether you have 3 or 30,000 staff users and 10 or 10 million customers, your system will exceed your performance expectations.
  • Security: EnterpriseWizard offers a sophisticated security model that allows fine grained access control down to the record and field level. Because EnterpriseWizard is used in security sensitive issue tracking applications (such as the financial industry), its robust security system has been audited by outside 3rd parties.
  • Fully Custom Interface: Does your issue tracking software allow you to create user interfaces to blend with your website? Use the same fonts, logos, look & feel, ...  EnterpriseWizard allows you to easily customize your interface.
  • Deployment - Hosted vs Installed: EnterpriseWizard is available either as a SaaS issue tracking service (hosted by us) or for purchase and deployment on your web server. You can even choose to deploy it on our server to gain fast ROI (no hardware or IT support required) and later move it in-house to your Windows or Linux web server. It can be moved from SaaS to a premise installation in 6 mouse clicks!
  • Integration Options: EnterpriseWizard includes support for standards such as LDAP and Exchange as well as Web Services, REST and Scripting interfaces for custom integration with existing systems.
  • Auditing and History: EnterpriseWizard makes it easy RepairDashboardto track every change in the system. Competing systems don't let you see what an issue looked like in its initial version (before changes were made), who made the changes, etc.
  • Reporting & issue escalation: EnterpriseWizard offers charting, reporting and business rules features that help you effectively manage your business.
  • Cost Control: Many companies try to charge you for every "module". That is, they'll have a licence fee and add module charges for "asset issue tracking", "repair issue tracking", "tech support issue tracking" and other modules. With EnterpriseWizard, you can track as many different types of issues as you'd like - you only pay for the support staff licenses.

Award Winning Web-Database Platform

The EnterpriseWizard platform is the winner of CRM Advocate Users' Choice Gold (best in class) award for multi-channel e-service. Enterprisewizard was given this honor because it is the only product in its class built on an adaptive technology core.

It is not just its adaptive technology that makes EnterpriseWizard a top rated product - it was designed from seven years of user feedback to satisfy customer support and helpdesk managers who deal with multiple demands in a rapidly changing environment.