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EntepriseWizard Product & Services Pricing

Adapt Data Solutions works with EnterpriseWizard to offer the most attractive total cost of implementing a CRM package or web-based issue tracking system.  We have flexible licensing, support and services packages to work within your budget.

Some factors to consider when pricing your issue tracking or CRM package: Risks, Implementation Costs, On-going Maintenance Costs...

EnterpriseWizard Product License Costs

Hosted by us for a hassle-free web-based issue tracking and/or web CRM system

If you choose to have us host your web CRM or online issue tracking system, you don't need to install anything on your PCs or network. Everything is managed through your web browser. Licensing fees for a hosted implementation of EnterpriseWizard are defined by the number of "support staff" who need to use the system and whether you'd like your customers or other staff to be able to login and access the system as well.

Here's a hosted CRM/issue tracking pricing example:

Your company has 3 tech support staff who need to track tech support calls via the web using EnterpriseWizard. Others users (customers and other employees) would like to login and see their own records (support tickets) as well. In this case, the hosted cost is: $65/support-staff/month. The cost for an implementation like this would be $195/month.

Perhaps your company doesn't need to allow anyone to login and access the data other than your staff. That is, you don't need to allow your customers to login and review their records online. The hosted licensing cost for a staff-only system starts at $45/staff/month. A hosted issue tracking system with 3 support staff and no customer access would be $135/month.

Keep in mind that because the system is hosted on our server, you don't need to pay for IT expenses like backups, upgrades, and so on.


On-premise Issue Tracking System: Installed on your Intranet or Internet web server

Perhaps the hosted license model will not work for your organization and you would rather install EnterpriseWizard on your on web server. No problem - EnterpriseWizard can be easily installed on Windows or Linux servers.

Again, the product is licensed by the number of support staff that will be accessing the system (managing data, reports). This table shows the cost per staff user license based on OS and end user access:


Unlimited End Users No End Users
Windows $1,050 $800
Linux $950 $700

So, for a support tracking system that has 3 users and does not allow end user access, the purchased license cost for an on-premise installation would be $2100. Annual support is available for 20% of the purchase price (or $420 for the first year of this example system). Note that annual support is included in the price of a hosted package.

A minimum license has 3 staff users.


Adapt Data Solutions and EnterpriseWizard help you eliminate risks throughout the process. We do this by offering a free trial period and money back guarantee. Additionally, we can guide you through the entire process to help avoid the risks of selecting the wrong product, license structure, or deployment process.

Implementation Costs

The costs associated with implementing a web based issue tracking or CRM system can be overwhelming. Requirements analysis, system design, development, testing, training, deployment... along the way, each of these phases can cost you in terms of dollars, time, or added risk. We offer affordable consulting rates and experienced staff to ensure that your system is deployed on-time and on-budget.

On-going Maintenance Costs

Once your system has been deployed, there are a number of on-going costs: the time it takes to upgrade your system as patches/new releases or operating systems are made available, hardware updates, and changes you want to make to the system as your business evolves. If you chose to have your system deployed on one of our servers (aka Hosted CRM/web-database model) many of these ongoing costs are simply eliminated. As your data will be on our servers, we will handle the product updates, operating system changes, hardware, backups and more.

Further, as your business evolves, changes to your system will be made at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. How can we do that? EnterpriseWizard was designed around adaptive core technology with the flexibility to easily add new reports, modify fields, create new rules/workflows and more! Your system will evolve with your business.

The bottom line: ADS + EnterpriseWizard = best cost CRM/web-database

Certainly the price of your web-database/CRM product is part of the equation.  The EnterpriseWizard CRM/web-database product pricing is extremely attractive and the license flexbility works for any business. By working with Adapt Data Solutions, we'll provide you with a total solution (EnterpriseWizard + services) at a price that can't be matched.