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What factors are important in selecting Web based help desk software?


Each business is has unique help desk requirements that must be considered.  However, many companies aren't sure which factors should be considered in choosing a web-based helpdesk software package.

Here are some notable considerations - broken into budget, user interface, organization/usage, and IT/Admin. We'll look at these factors in light of what EnterpriseWizard has to offer those seeking a help desk package.


Helpdesk Software License & Support Costs

EnterpriseWizard CRM & HelpDesk Software starts at $45/staff/month if hosted on our site. No support fees or other required costs beyond that. If you want your end users to be able to login to the system, the pricing starts at $65/staff/month. A minimum of 3 staff seats are required. A web-based support with 3 support staff accounts hosted by us and allowing unlimited end users to access the system would be $1950/year. If hosted by us, we handle all the IT hassles (backups, upgrades, etc.).

If you choose to purchase the software and install it on your Linux server, pricing starts at $700 / seat. Minimum, 3 staff support seats required. If you would like your end users to also be able to login and access the system, then the staff seats are $950. So, a license for 3 support staff accounts installed on your Linux server would cost $2850 with an annual support cost of $570/yr for upgrades, etc. Contact us for Windows pricing, concurrent licensing or volume discounts.

Note: unlike competing products, we do not charge to attach other tracking systems to the product. For example, if you would like to setup your system to also track product repairs, or enhancement requests or corrective actions - no problem.

Online Helpdesk Implementation Costs

Buying your helpdesk software is one thing. Implementation is quite another.

You'll find that the cost associated with implementing competing online helpdesk packages is very expensive. Often, expensive custom coding is required to add features like add a dashboard or a custom logo.

With EnterpriseWizard, nearly any feature can be added quickly and without custom code. If your team lacks the resources to setup the system, we would be happy to help.


User Interface

EnterpriseWizard offers an extremely flexible user interface. You can easily configure support for multiple languages (on a per-user/team basis), completely tweak the look & feel with fonts/colors/icons/... (on a per team basis), add your logo, allow users to define their own views (table columns, etc.) and saved searches.

Your users will simply love the flexibility of the EnterpriseWizard user interface.


Organization & Helpdesk Usage

Here are some organizational and usage considerations when selecting online helpdesk software. EnterpriseWizard handles all of these challenges very well.

Internal, external, self-service, ...

Helpdesk Automation: Workflows, Rules, and More

Reporting, Charting and Driving Service Improvement

CRM & Helpdesk applications - do you need an integrated suite?


IT & Help Desk Software Administration

Licensing: Hosted vs. On-premise Installation

There are two types of installations to consider when pursuing web-based help desk/customer support software. We have already discussed the differences in pricing between these models above.

We can host your complete online helpdesk system on our servers. This "Software-as-a-Service" (Saas Helpdesk Software) offers several advantages over an on-premise solution:

Advantages of a Hosted Helpdesk

  • Setup a free trial system and move it into production.
  • Zero IT hassles - we handle the upgrades, backups, etc.
  • No support costs
  • Pay-as-you-go

Disadvantages of a Hosted Helpdesk

Although we offer some of the tightest security features available on the web (our product is used in banking applications), some companies would prefer to keep all content behind a firewall. If your company or IT policies require that your data live on your servers or behind a firewall/intranet, then an on-premise helpdesk installation is a better fit.

With EnterpriseWizard, you can easily transition your system from a hosted installation (on our servers) to your intranet installation in a matter of minutes.


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