Issue Tracking Software & Web CRM

Online Issue Tracking and Web Based CRM

Adapt Data Solutions delivers EnterpriseWizard: the best online issue tracking software and web based CRM. EnterpriseWizard is extremely flexible web based issue tracking software that can be deployed on your Windows or Linux server or can be hosted by us. The total cost of deploying EnterpriseWizard is very low (licenses start at $45/staff user/month if hosted by us or $700/seat if purchased). EnterpriseWizard is used in countless applications:Web Issue Tracking CRM Dashboard

  • Web CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Customer Support Software
    • Tech Support Calls
    • Customer Complaint Management
    • Chat
    • Issue Escalation
    • Integrated eLearning
    • Software Download Tracking by Customer/Company/Product
    • Customer Repairs / RMA/ Warranty Online
  • Enhancement Requests, Bug/Defect Tracking and Change Management
  • Asset Management
  • eMarketing: Customer surveys, newsletters, campaign management and more.
  • Quality Management Software
  • Supplier Quality Portal

Unlimited expansion without the hidden charges

Unlike our competitors, you may add as many components as you would like to your web-based CRM or issue tracking system, for free.

Let's say you license EnterpriseWizard for your web-based tech support software. Then, a few months later, you decide that you'd like this system to also be an online quality issue system (for ISO 9000 audit findings, corrective actions reports, etc.). A few months later, you'd like to expand the system further to also be a web-based CRM package. With EnterpriseWizard, there are no additional licensing fees for adding a new tracking system to your existing one. The EnterpriseWizard pricing page explains the license fees in detail.

Another thing our competitors don't like to show you is the effort required to modify the issue tracking system once it's deployed. The beauty of the EnterpriseWizard platform is ease of administration. You will be able easily add fields, change permissions, create sophisticated reports & issue tracking dashboards on-the-fly... without expensive customized code. Try asking Microsoft to customize the look and feel of their Dynamics CRM or add a dashboard. No dice.

Sticky note (Post-It) tech support database

Still tracking critical customer issues with sticky notes?

Organizations are full of legacy back-office databases that contain valuable data, but are mismanaged, disconnected and lack automation. Your organization may track tech support calls or sales leads using Excel. Sure, you could say that it "gets the job done" - but, does it?  What potential might be unleashed if you were able to easily datamine this information? How could customer loyalty be improved by better managing this data?

Stop using ineffective processes and tools that won't adapt to your needs.


Adapt Data Solutions + EnterpriseWizard = SaaS that Works

EnterpriseWizard - web data solutions

EnterpriseWizard is the leading web CRM and business process automation platform on the market today. Adapt Data Solutions has the experience with EnterpriseWizard to ensure that your project will be a total success. We're happy to help you quickly create an effective online issue tracking system on your Windows or Linux web server or host your system on our server (you own and manage the data, we handle the dirty work of backups and updates). That's known as the Software-as-a-Service model and we have the best SaaS issue tracker around.


Web Based CRM and Online Issue Tracker Experts

Adapt Data Solutions can solve your Online Issue Tracking and Web CRM challenges.

We start by listening to your needs to understand your business requirements. Then we design and implement a cost-effective Web CRM and/or online issue tracker that minimizes risk.

Here are just a few examples of web based issue tracking and CRM systems that we have implemented...