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MS CRM Dynamics: Customizing the Look and Feel

April 3rd, 2009 by Pat Rundall in EnterpriseWizard, Microsoft Dynamics

Recently, we’ve been comparing two CRM packages: MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 and EnterpriseWizard. This CRM comparison in this blog has focused on the customization possibilities and the effort required to create a CRM Dashboard to track key metrics.

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I just thought that I’d add some additional fuel to the fire when comparing these CRM software packages.

Change the logo image in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Let’s say that you would like to change the logo in MS CRM 4.0 from the default:

Default MS Dyanmics Logo

Default MS Dynamics Logo

Scouring the Internet, we find a post on the MSDN site that explains what to do:

We find two possibilities. One is to simply replace the .jpg file in the _imgs directory.

The second is to modify the css file definition.

The proposed changes come with an ominous warning however that an update “might overwrite your files and your logo customization.” These user interface customizations are apparently unsupported in Microsoft Dynamics.

Essentially, this change is “brittle”. That is, you are hardcoding a modification into MS CRM that is likely to break with future upgrades. Nice.

Change the logo image in EnterpriseWizard CRM

Thankfully, there are CRM packages available that allow you to completely customize the look and feel of the user interface without the risk that a future patch will “uncustomize it” for you.

Adapt Data Solutions offers one such CRM and online issue tracking system: EnterpriseWizard. In EnterpriseWizard,  you are easily able to modify the look and feel without hacks and the risk of breaking as you upgrade your CRM.

Add your logo to EnterpriseWizard CRM

Add your logo to EnterpriseWizard CRM

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