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Web based issue tracking solutions for government apps

March 21st, 2010 by Pat Rundall in Adapt Data Solutions, EnterpriseWizard, Online issue tracking

In the past few months, we’ve been working with government organizations who need to manage data more effectively than before.  Here is a sample…

Small Town Government – Online Issue Tracking

Fort Dodge, Iowa (population ~25,000) is like most small towns – they have limited resources, yet they have a lot of issues to be tracked. Adapt Data Solutions was brought in to explain web-based issue tracking to their team and its advantages. Here are a few of the issues that had been tracked manually and needed to be tracked online:

  • Water department complaints
  • Nuisance reports (weeds in city parks)
  • Streets department issues (pothole reports, etc.)

Fort Dodge continues to explore ways to reduce wastes and effectively manage their system.

County government using Adapt Data Solutions & EnterpriseWizard for web-based repair management

Who: Chester County, Pennsylvania  Emergency Services
What: Need to track radio system repairs for emergency services
Solution: Hosted version of EnterpriseWizard configured by Adapt Data Solutions

Chester County’s system allows users to create radio network repair requests using a web form. Police, Fire, EMS, etc. can simply login and report an outage or defective radio. Email alerts were configured to notify technicians and management. The online repair tracking system is successfully being used across Chester County to streamline repair issues.

Web based issue tracking for small business

August 10th, 2009 by Pat Rundall in Adapt Data Solutions, CRM, Online issue tracking

Issue tracking systems for a micro business

It’s fascinating (to me anyway) to watch a small business grow. At first, a company may only have a small handful of employees and face a hundred “issue tracking” problems…

  • Which customers are my most profitable?
  • Which products or services cause me and my customers the most pain?
  • How can I manage support questions, invoicing, tracking billing hours, etc.?
  • Are the things I’m not even measuring keeping me from growing my business?

There’s simply a lot of things (issues) to track.  QuickBooks is a good start for a one-person company to track financial records. Excel can do in a pinch for a few things. You can scrounge up a simple record tracking system in MS Access to track a few issues. But things can quickly become a mess.

I recently met a man who created an elaborate system of Excel spreadsheets to run a small business. He had over 100! Excel files keeping track of everything from customer payments to inventory to quality issues to shipments to supplier invoices. These Excel files were all interlinked and amazingly just sort of “worked”… for a while. Then, two things happened, the company began to grow (and outgrew Excel as a MRP/CRM system) and the guy who created this system left the company. Ouch!

A Better Way: EnterpriseWizard CRM Issue Tracking Software that Scales and Adapts

Contrast that company with small businesses (SMB) and organizations that start with EnterpriseWizard. Some clear advantages over the “DIY issue tracking” approach used above:

  • EnterpriseWizard – CRM and Issue Tracking Software in one! Your SMB may only need a simple issue tracking software system to start. Months later, your needs may change. With EnterpriseWizard, you can add as many issue tracking tables and a full CRM system – all for one cost (the seats used).
  • Scales with your business. The poor guys using Excel learned the hard way. Do it yourself (DIY) MRP/CRM systems often fail for many reasons.
  • Hosted solutions work great for SMBs who lack IT staff.
  • Low cost to start.
  • Web based issue tracking.  Don’t worry about what Microsoft will be doing in Windows 7 and whether that will mean that you’ll have to upgrade your issue tracking software: with EnterpriseWizard, you can be sure that it will continue to work in your web browser.

Online Issue Tracking: Connecting the dots

June 2nd, 2009 by Pat Rundall in EnterpriseWizard, Online issue tracking

Use silos to store crops – not your issue tracking data Silos are great for corn. Bad for confining online issue tracking systems.

Our office is located in Ames, Iowa. We don’t have to go far to find silos. These massive storage bins dot the central Iowa landscape – storing and segregating various crops until they are ready to be used.

Consider the typical organization (whether it is a company or a non-profit). Silos everywhere.

Organizations that have many departments may use several issue trackers ranging from Post-It Notes to elaborate databases. Unfortunately, these are often disconnected systems. For example, folks in the sales department may be able to access their web CRM but not have access to product returns from key clients… that’s data that is locked in some repair tracking software.   The quality department might want to create a Quality Dashboard for their Web-based Quality Management System (QMS) but have their efforts thwarted when they realize that customer complaints are stored elsewhere.

A crude diagram of a disconnected organization might look like this:

Typical company data management

Some things to note about this disconnected organizational data management model:

  • Outdated, out-of-sync databases. Key pieces of data are stored in multiple places. Each department has its own customer contact records for example. When the repair department hears from a customer that his address has changed, the repair tech might update the repair tracking software… but he’s unlikely to update every database in the organization.
  • Ambush alert: Critical data is not accessible to all stakeholders. For example, the marketing and sales staff would like to have the best possible “view” of the customer. They may have a crude “sales dashboard” in their CRM… but they need more. Much more. If a regional territory manager doesn’t have a good idea of the quality & support issues that impact his customers, he’s very likely to be ambushed during a customer visit.

EnterpriseWizard is an effective online issue tracking system – designed to help you “connect the dots”. If you need issue tracking software that is flexible, affordable and can be configured in hours rather than months (all via the web), then EnterpriseWizard should be at the top of your list.

We’ve added a new section of the website to show you just what we mean:
Issue Tracking Software: Connect the Dots

Consider what will happen once your repair management software, customer complaint system and online tech support database are all one-in-the-same.

Please take a minute to look it over. Let us help you better understand how to remove some organizational barriers and inefficiencies with great web-based issue tracking software: EnterpriseWizard.

Get rid of the silos in your company today.