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Web based issue tracking solutions for government apps

March 21st, 2010 by Pat Rundall in Adapt Data Solutions, EnterpriseWizard, Online issue tracking

In the past few months, we’ve been working with government organizations who need to manage data more effectively than before.  Here is a sample…

Small Town Government – Online Issue Tracking

Fort Dodge, Iowa (population ~25,000) is like most small towns – they have limited resources, yet they have a lot of issues to be tracked. Adapt Data Solutions was brought in to explain web-based issue tracking to their team and its advantages. Here are a few of the issues that had been tracked manually and needed to be tracked online:

  • Water department complaints
  • Nuisance reports (weeds in city parks)
  • Streets department issues (pothole reports, etc.)

Fort Dodge continues to explore ways to reduce wastes and effectively manage their system.

County government using Adapt Data Solutions & EnterpriseWizard for web-based repair management

Who: Chester County, Pennsylvania  Emergency Services
What: Need to track radio system repairs for emergency services
Solution: Hosted version of EnterpriseWizard configured by Adapt Data Solutions

Chester County’s system allows users to create radio network repair requests using a web form. Police, Fire, EMS, etc. can simply login and report an outage or defective radio. Email alerts were configured to notify technicians and management. The online repair tracking system is successfully being used across Chester County to streamline repair issues.