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Supplier Quality Management Portal

March 31st, 2009 by Pat Rundall in Adapt Data Solutions, EnterpriseWizard

A few questions….

  • Does your company need to track supplier quality?
  • How do you manage supplier quality data? Paper? Excel spreadsheets? Access?
  • What about metrics? Do you have a supplier scorecard? A supplier quality dashboard?
  • Do your suppliers respond quickly to quality issues (corrective action reports, audit findings, etc.)? Do you have to nag them in order to get a response?
  • How much money is wasted in your company chasing supplier quality issues and generating reports?

Imagine a better way to manage supplier quality issues. Imagine a low cost, online system that allowed your suppliers to login and update corrective action reports. Imagine not having to send repeated “nag notices” to suppliers reminding them to follow up on quality issues. Imagine having a powerful supplier quality dashboard that is easily accessed by the people in your company who need it. Imagine the next time an auditor (ISO, etc.) visits your site and compliments your oversight of  supplier quality.

We can help.

If you would like to streamline your supplier quality management system take a few minutes and read this brief PDF on creating a simple web-based supplier quality portal. In just a few days, Adapt Data Solutions can help you use EnterpriseWizard to more effectively manage quality in your supply chain.