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Web based issue tracking for small business

August 10th, 2009 by Pat Rundall in Adapt Data Solutions, CRM, Online issue tracking

Issue tracking systems for a micro business

It’s fascinating (to me anyway) to watch a small business grow. At first, a company may only have a small handful of employees and face a hundred “issue tracking” problems…

  • Which customers are my most profitable?
  • Which products or services cause me and my customers the most pain?
  • How can I manage support questions, invoicing, tracking billing hours, etc.?
  • Are the things I’m not even measuring keeping me from growing my business?

There’s simply a lot of things (issues) to track.  QuickBooks is a good start for a one-person company to track financial records. Excel can do in a pinch for a few things. You can scrounge up a simple record tracking system in MS Access to track a few issues. But things can quickly become a mess.

I recently met a man who created an elaborate system of Excel spreadsheets to run a small business. He had over 100! Excel files keeping track of everything from customer payments to inventory to quality issues to shipments to supplier invoices. These Excel files were all interlinked and amazingly just sort of “worked”… for a while. Then, two things happened, the company began to grow (and outgrew Excel as a MRP/CRM system) and the guy who created this system left the company. Ouch!

A Better Way: EnterpriseWizard CRM Issue Tracking Software that Scales and Adapts

Contrast that company with small businesses (SMB) and organizations that start with EnterpriseWizard. Some clear advantages over the “DIY issue tracking” approach used above:

  • EnterpriseWizard – CRM and Issue Tracking Software in one! Your SMB may only need a simple issue tracking software system to start. Months later, your needs may change. With EnterpriseWizard, you can add as many issue tracking tables and a full CRM system – all for one cost (the seats used).
  • Scales with your business. The poor guys using Excel learned the hard way. Do it yourself (DIY) MRP/CRM systems often fail for many reasons.
  • Hosted solutions work great for SMBs who lack IT staff.
  • Low cost to start.
  • Web based issue tracking.  Don’t worry about what Microsoft will be doing in Windows 7 and whether that will mean that you’ll have to upgrade your issue tracking software: with EnterpriseWizard, you can be sure that it will continue to work in your web browser.