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Customer Support & CRM Implementation

Adapt Data Solutions has successfully implemented Customer Support (Helpdesk) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Our systems track support calls for thousands of users and support staff across the globe using the EnterpriseWizard platform.  

Our experienced staff can guide you through the process of implementing a customer support/CRM system - risk free/hassle-free. 


Online Technical Support Tickets, Frequently Asked Questions

By moving customer support requests from simple back-office PC-based databases into a web environment, customers are able to see the status of their request and review past activity. A well-managed & searchable FAQ system allows them to find the answer for themselves - drastically cutting your customer support costs.  Your customers will love being able to see their past tech support requests online. 

Managers: Improve Customer Service Using Data

Customer support managers often hear complaints. It goes with the job... "Your support guy took too long to give me a response.", "I always call about product X - why don't you fix it if so many people complain about it?", etc.  

Unfortunately, too many support managers do not have access to the data to drive improvement.

  • How long does it take us to respond to a customer?
  • Which products get the most calls?
  • What is the customer's satisfaction level with support engineer Bob?
Managers can answer questions like this using EnterpriseWizard's report wizard. These reports can be used to drive improvements in customer service that will lead to improvements in your bottom line.


Automate Support Emails to Streamline Your Support Function 

By creating automated emails in EnterpriseWizard, you will be able to ensure that customers receive a fast response to their question with easy followup (using embedded links).