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eLearning, customer support and CRM

Several tools are available to quickly create online training (eLearning) content that can be used by your staff and customers to learn about your products.  Unfortunately, many companies do a poor job of linking this content with their CRM or customer support systems.

We can help!

Adapt Data Solutions has experience creating online training modules and linking it into EnterpriseWizard- creating a powerful combination. By doing this, your support system will not only offer support tickets and FAQs, but you will be able to provide on-line training that your customers will love. You'll benefit from a further reduction in support calls and increased customer satisfaction. You're CRM/Support System will give you detailed reports showing which training modules were most popular, how often someone clicked on an eLearning module from a support ticket, etc.

Soon, you'll be driving real organizational improvements by using online training tied to your EnterpriseWizard implementation.