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Product and Document Downloads

Many companies need to provide customers with access to product and documentation updates on the web. Unfortunately, they rarely track this information and use it to their advantage. 

By incorporating product and documentation downloads into an EnterpriseWizard implementation, we were able to help one company gain insights into their customer needs and issues.  We created a "Downloads" tab for end users to download software updates and documents. Not only was this convenient to customers, but the company was able to:

  • Track which product downloads were most requested
  • Determine which world area had the most downloads
  • Quickly contact all users who had recently downloaded a version with a critical bug and let them know that an update was available
That's right... by proactively contacting only users who were affected by a recent download, the company was able to get a patch distributed very quickly to their global customer base without causing additional support issues that would have occurred if they had sent a notice to all customers.