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Affordable Repair Management Software

How does your company track product repairs?  Microsoft Excel? A home grown repair tracking database created by a long lost hacker?

If you're like many companies, creating and maintaining a repair management software is an expensive task. It's often considered a "necessary evil"...creating a repair database, reports, customized emails, etc.

Fortunately, Adapt Data Solutions can provide you with affordable, web-based repair tracking software.  - an EnterpriseWizard Online Repair Tracking System.

Repair Management Software: Online RMAs

EnterpriseWizard is a web based issue tracking software package used to manage customer records (web based CRM) as well as common issue tracking tasks such as online repair tracking. It is a very flexible/adaptable system - easily customized to meet your business needs.

Automate Repair Tracking

Adapt Data Solutions can work with you to automate your online repair tracking system. Let us configure EnterpriseWizard to manage your customer repairs and you'll have a powerful, low cost, web based repair tracking database in a matter of days:


  • Detailed repair reports & repair dashboard

    Do you have the data you need to manage your repair department? What if you had a powerful repair dashboard that drove improvements? With EnterpriseWizard, you could track virtually any aspect of your repair system:

    • Repair cycle time
    • Field failures by root cause
    • Repairs by geographic region and customer
    • Product line repair data
    • Component failure frequency paretos
    We can help you build an effective repair dashboard that requires no custom coding. Repair reports can even be periodically emailed to your staff.

    We'll show you how easy it is to create your own repair reports - and your team will begin to use repair data & metrics to drive dramatic improvements.
  • Workflow Automation

Do you send an RMA email to the customer upon request? Do you need to notify your quality or management team when certain conditions are met (i.e. cycle time takes more than 2 weeks or when a customer lodges a repair department complaint)?

With the EnterpriseWizard Workflow Engine, we can show you how to automate many of these tasks.

  • Customer Login & Repair Status

Would you like to allow your customers to login to your website and submit repair requests? Check repair status online? EnterpriseWizard allows you to do this without any custom coding. It's easy, it's affordable and it will help you provide a professional online customer repair portal that will improve customer loyalty.

  • On-premise or hosted by us for zero IT costs

Is your IT department swamped? Would the thought of yet another tracking database & online system be enough for them to reject a repair tracking system.  Adapt Data Solutions can provide you with a solution that has almost zero impact on your IT department. We can host your repair database on our servers (starting at $45/staff account per month). In this license model, we handle the backups, server maintenance, etc. You simply provide a login page on your website that directs to our server. You can customize the look and feel such that it blends well with your existing website. It's an affordable, hassle-free, Software-as-a-Service repair database - completely configured through your web browser.

If you'd prefer, you can choose to install our issue tracking software on your server (on-premise installation). Installation takes less than 30 minutes and runs on either Linux or Windows machines with a web server.

Online Tech Support and Repair Tracking in One

Many companies have customer support call tracking systems and repair tracking systems. However, for most companies, these systems are separated for a variety of reasons.

Think of the workflow of a customer repair scenario... first the customer calls a tech support technician who collects:

  • Contact information
  • Product information
  • Symptoms
  • What's been tried already

The tech support technician then makes a recommendation. If that fails, they'll ask the customer to send it in for repair. This results in a call to get an RMA number and information to send it in.  During that call, the repair department may ask for:

  • Contact information
  • Product information
  • Symptoms
  • What's been tried already

Sound familiar?

By integrating repair tracking into EnterpriseWizard, companies avoid this duplication and user frustration. Some great repair reporting information can be gained (repair cycle time, PPM levels, warranty rates, etc.).  Additionally, many repair department paperwork tasks will be automated with EnterpriseWizard.

Your customers will now be able to track repair status on-line with the same system they use for tech support.

Adapt Data Solutions can help you implement an effective system that links your support and repair departments into a single implementation.