eQMS: web-based quality issue tracking


If you are still tracking quality records with paper, Microsoft Excel or a sloppy Access database  or losing track of a paper quality record such as an ISO audit report its time to move your quality records into a web-based Quality Management System (namely QMS) on your intranet or even the internet.

There exist products that offer a QMS, a system is easily customized to meet your needs.

If you want to start with a simple web-based system to track ISO audit findings and then customer complaint management, corrective/preventive actions, and supplier quality issue tracking: no problem. You can add all those tracking systems to your web-based quality tracking system without additional «per-module» charges.  It is possible to licence the service by support staff seat or other means.  In many cases, only your quality assurance staff would need licences for the project management purpose

Here are some examples of Quality Management System functions that can be implemented by these type of software:

  • Audit Management
  • Customer Complaints
  • Corrective Actions
  • Preventive Actions
  • Supplier Quality Data (SCARs, PPM)
  • Non-conformance Management
  • Part Management
  • Training Management
  • Document Control
  • Meeting Management
  • Improvement Team Management
  • Quality Dashboard

With this kind of software you can make your quality team to create a world-class online Quality Management System without a big hassle.

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